Monday, October 27, 2014

Why do I need exam?

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Is it only to get pass? Then the main motive behind appearing an exam becomes less pronounced. I think it’s more than the stated objective above. As, I always believe it’s a license needed for each life processing. Where, without it we might become invalid in any fields.

For me, appearing an exam is more than the exam. For sure - it is to get passed, get good results, promote to higher classes, to get good jobs and to check the level of subject understanding at school. At the same stand, we use exam for bad reasons sometimes, which is not sounding good for small country like Bhutan.

As per my experiences before, many of us think exam is just to exam the subject at the end of each semester or each term. So, at the end of each exam, we forget learned information completely. I must say we become empty the next moment like puts (a famous Indian dish). We leave behind every leaning along with the paper. Then, the main purpose of education is just done with the exam paper. If this is the trend of learning in school, then we can ask an un-educated man to write the exam paper. As, he can also write his name and scribble few answers that can fetch him some marks. So, exam is done. If learning ends with exam, we no need pay huge sum to our teachers. We no need to construct school infrastructures (i.e. classroom, sport fields etc...). Thus, I am sure with this learning acceleration we cannot stand for self-sufficient.

Perhaps, I may sound rude, but I am trying to list all the happenings in Bhutan with our present youths. As a Bhutanese - we need to bring some changes, the change is urgent because the time has come with greater challenges to be self-independent. Our present youth wants life to be easy going. They feel happy with few luxurious gadgets in hand, pretty dress and punk hair style. So, with this what they can do next is still in closed fact. If these things can fill one’s belly then, I must possess all of the things and start doing what our youth are doing now. I think the main purpose of right and skillful education is getting worse by the day.

If everyone thinks exam is for whole part of learning, then why can’t we take it positively at this stand? Now a day, I could see many of us are not taking part of learning seriously because we are fed too much by other wiser people. We get every simple tools, edible things and gadgets the next door. Then, why to suffer un-necessarily?

Exam is something real that can equip one’s new entry in more meaningful ways. It makes us wiser and more self-competent. It also checks one’s level of knowledge into the fields. Now a day, exam is happening for the sake of happening. Education by the day is worsening and total part of learning is negating because exam is valued less. I think the necessity for exam is eroding with the change of time. Thus, every resource is going into waste (i.e. human resources and other materials).

At this time, we need to be mindful and need to take exam as part of urgent learning. Here, with all of the stated reasons, I am not trying to claim, I have perfected every exam. As a learner, I have also appeared many exams, but I didn't take it lightly like our present youth. I always thought exam is always a new learning. At the same time, it is a mirror that reflects our own image walking back and forth.


  1. As some one rightly said, Give student fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a student to fish, you feed him for a whole life. I agree with you Sancha Sir that through our exam we are trying to give our student a fish rather than teaching them to fish. if we want to prepare our students for life, we must slowly do away with exams and insist on learning for life. Nice write up sir, keep Blogging la

  2. Thanks for the well thought comments on my article all the visit again and leave me comments that will please my days la...thanks

  3. True Sancha. Exam is all rote learning. Values or standards cannot be indoctrinated but incalculated. I feel sometimes that we must do away with exam. Nice reading...

  4. Thank you mr. sir for the comments and do visit again la...

  5. good one sir. only a teacher can tell about exams and you have done justice to your writing. enjoyed.

  6. Certainly and absolutely correct is the post reflected. I am here to say truth about me. I too feel same as what the post reflected, appearing exam just to pass. The reminder to stimulate the person is necessary. So, the post stimulate me to think more about why I should appear exam?
    Good post Sancha sir.

  7. Thank you Gyembo and Jigme sir for the necessary comments you have always left for me la...thanks and have a great times and do visit again ...


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