Monday, December 29, 2014

Can It Be Possible - Bhutan?

Photo: SR
Before night takes over - I'd rushed to the last shop I was looking for.  It’s only the shop that serves my purpose well and definite. 

As I entered into the shop, I was pretty shocked to see the little boy working so professionally. I must say - it came to me like more of surprising than just believing and narrating it.

Perhaps, I was totally touched by this little boy and the service he provides for so many people. I was momentarily lost and missed some of my real purpose there in the shop. Thus, having lost in his petite self, I was then left with no other choice then to question him - Where he is from, age and the working experiences?

Truly, I've not came across with such little human-being working so efficiently and diligently to this level.   To him, it might have come due his interest and the other may be the compelling factors that made him that professional in the job. It is the daily and precious plate needed for survival. 

“He said, he's running thirteen years and he'd been working for last four years in the same field”. His replies made me even more surprise to believe the world around him. How can that small boy work for the entire world?  So, after knowing the real back story, my mind was completely filled with many random questions/thoughts that'd not came to me so long. Honestly, the boy had shared me about himself so well, more than what I've expected.

Thus, in a closer aspect I found him as the best model that we can look-up to. Since, the way he works and the way he delivered his service was afar compare. In a way, the very incidence has left me uncover about the fact of life. Now, back to home I've many undiscovered thoughts that I'd be passing down to many of my colleagues, younger and relatives.

Photo: SR
What can we do at this age? What thinking would come in our communal?  Is it possible to work like him? Can it be possible to say the work is work-ship?   


  1. Everything will be possible in Bhutan in near future~

  2. Hpoing to see that change and possibility soon hereafter...thanks


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