Monday, December 8, 2014

Why Do I Need a Mother?

This is honestly the simplest question one can reflect in oneness. Why Do I Need a Mother?

To this statement, different people would say different things. But, I believe the final arguments would ends with same meaning – "Mother looks after the whole life".  Isn't it TRUE? 

It’s time for all of us to think. What Mother is really meant for? Is it just to cook food for her children or to do some other house-hold activities? For me my mother means lots more than these. "She is a person who cares me, when I’m in need of love and care. She nourishes me, when I’m in need for every necessity of life".

Why Do I Need A Mother?

My course of life begins all with my mother. Whether or not – firstly, I was given a living inside her womb for entire nine months.  She is only the one, who carried me all with hardship.
She can best explain the pain she'd felt - 'the greatest pain and the greatest sufferings', I've given to her during the times of birth. Soon after the birth, she is only the person to 'recognize, love and care' me so much. She'd best felt my cry and she is the one who made me feel good with her softness.  

My mother is the one, who'd taught me everything – to behave well, good or bad and life's lessons. I'd proudly say that, she is my first teacher before; I was made to go school. She is the one to train me on, how to eat and sleep on time. She is the one, who gave me food, when I’m hungry and gave me water, when I’m thirsty. Above all - she is the one, who'd put my life into right moral.  

Now, I've gone little far than my little days, it’s all because of my mother. Now, I know what is ‘good and bad’ and many more, it’s all because of my mother’s relentless hard work. Now, I've grown little taller and developed a sense of human-beings, it’s all because of my mother’s teachings. 

Today, I stand proudly in front of all, with complete sense of human-being; it’s all because of my mother. She is not only the person to look after my welfare. But, also to look after the entire house-hold activity and other members in the family. She never forgets to cook, bath and warmth the house with her love and affection deeply rooted inside her heart.  Perhaps, she always tried to bring every matter into a closer endings in order to benefit every members in the house. 

She never forgets to looks after the welfare of father, brothers and sisters too. She feed everyone with the utmost love and care on reaching home after day's work. She supports and voices-out on behalf of all family members to benefit her family in times of need.  

Above all, I am sure everyone would've felt the way, I've felt about my mother.  Thus, the good part of motherhood is - I'm still a child/baby in her eye even though I've grown into a fine man. To her, I might remain a baby till I live.

Perhaps, to me this is what Mother means - and why do I need a Mother?


  1. Nice, it evoked an emotional feelings.

  2. Of all its important to remember our mother...thanks

  3. Mothers love is the greatest love in this world. So let us thank our the mothers of the world. Nice read Sancha sir.

  4. It's true, god couldn't be everywhere, so He created Mother. Lets thank mother both tangibly and intangibly. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the idea and the well thought comments...thanks


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