Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goodbye Farewell

Meeting and departing is a part of normal happening to everyone. And no exception for the Zhemgang HSS family to bid a goodbye farewell to our two outgoing staffs. I believe life has endless happenings still to come but for us this particular moment will never come back again. We cannot bring back this togetherness with them. In fact, it’s a last time we get to share our feelings and shakes our hands with few words of safe journey to their destination. 

The time has reached us to start the goodbye session.  It was quarter pass seven when we have gathered for the goodbye farewell. I could witness everyone’s presence in the hall was bit uneasy as this farewell ends our togetherness with them. Moreover, their departure was still no so clear for many.

No sooner did we settle for the final time, our vice-principal has opened the gathering in a confused tone and that made me feel he too was not so happy for the farewell. Nevertheless, he briefly highlighted on our gathering followed by thank giving note in a perfect tones. He has summarized all their hard works, the sacrifices they did for the school, the time they spent for their standing, the responsibilities they have taken with great enthusiasm and finally few safe notes on their journey. The crowed seemed to be extremely silent because everyone felt a great lost for the school. Their service and hard work was greatly being cherished since their work ethic was beyond comparison. Further, their contribution, helping hands and the selfless effort they gave can never be forgotten even in their absence. Although they are leaving us behind still we hope to continue with the same level of friendship deep inside our heart. 

Soon after the key notes from our vice principal, we spent our time interacting with them for a while. We promised to remember them for all times. Through our close interaction we came to know their reasons behind resigning and we have also passed a safe journey messages. So before we say a final goodbye to our two outgoing staffs the school have arranged a simple dinner. We hope our dinner have not disappointed them. 

I know, goodbye farewell will separate everybody to their own destination. With all of these hopes deep inside I have once again expressed my melancholy feelings. Unlike other goodbye farewell this particular is different in many ways.  

Finally, my good wishes and prayers will be there for them. I would love to meet them in future was my last promised I made with them. Nonetheless, goodnight was the last message I have for them.


  1. Departure is not easy even if it's after a short gathering. Togetherness is hard to let apart. For someone who have been close for so long, departure creates a void in heart, unusual vacuum comes afloat. Understanding it as part of life, we let it go until memory fades out like a sinking sun, hoping to see next day. Thanks.

  2. Thats for sure...even departing with our greatest enemy is the hardest of all..thus, we feel a deep pinch. thanks for sharing la


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