Friday, July 18, 2014


BP-1-0059 was the bus I journeyed finally stopped at the much awaited destination. The place considered as the most remote fragment of the country. The only district that shares its boundary with Sarpang to west, Trongsa to North-west, Bumthang to North, Monger to East and Pamagatshel and Samdrup Jongkhar to East. I know it’s the last chance for me to adieu my seat number 13. With full confusion surrounded by me I was left with limited words to utter about the beauty of my destination.  
There were many uncommon faces around me that made my appearance more confused. I still could visibly remember defies I faced during my first arrival to this places. The uncommon faces still hunts me, the hustle and bustle of few people made me more confused. I have faced countless encounters in taking my entire luggage around the uncommon faces. After taking my luggage out of the bus I started my journey to an unknown destination with much of concerns deep inside my unsettled mind. I have scarcely passed through few shops. There were many uncommon faces still to observe my confused footsteps. Still I continue to search a place for relaxing and finally my footsteps took me to Bajay hotel, a hotel famous for its name. Starting that night a hotel befitted my finest place and would be remembered for rest of my life.   Before it is dusk I have booked a room for few days. After that I became much peaceful and content. Nevertheless, dinner is the next test I still have in my mind. Relaxing for few minutes I headed again to nameless homes for dinner. Dinner was over with all the different tests of the new places. After dinner I came back to the room and took rest with more relaxed and complete exhausted self.

The night seemed to be cold and long for a lone person. The morning unlocked with much awaited task for finding and knowing about the places. Now I am in the place where even my grandparents didn’t stopover. During my school days as a student I hardly heard of the places and its people. I have just known this place by its name from few books and through other people. For me this place is fairly like in fantasy. During hours of daylight I have journeyed all over the corners, talked with few individuals around the places with much anticipating mood. My unknown journeying to the places was made familiar by all the stray dogs, they barked at me and made this place acquainted from the time. For sure by these all the locals happened to know my first time visit in the place.

After few days of hardship I could gradually started to recognize the places, people, the local dialects and even the stray dogs started liking me. The surrounding became familiar and I could sense the roaring of few streams near by the places.

During my few days break I happened to encounter an elderly man who has accompanied me for knowing this place into bits and pieces. The culture of the reasons and I have shared my drive here with wide opened. In fact, he was the first to know about my visit. I have shared all the reasons for my stepping here. He was also the first to know about my first placement after graduation. Before I joined my choice of schools this place has offered me the best Bajay hotel to re-gain my energy level after a long journey, the hungry stray dogs has known me, the unknown faces became familiar, the old bus that I have journeyed once has become the luxurious Ferrari and elderly man became my first friends.

The howling of hungry stray dogs once upon a time keeps me awake through the nights and made me bothered upon the peaceful snores of birds in the forest.  After a lifelong experiencing about this place, now I am a teacher in ZHEMGANG destiny.

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