Sunday, November 2, 2014

Games and learning

I am neither a skilled player nor a coach.  But, I felt the need of games and sports in school is one of the important elements for learning. When million can have handsome living through games, why can’t we?  Therefore, I felt the need for games and sports in every school is most.  

I feel there are many reasons behind learning games and sports in school. It normally brings positive behavioral change of the student. Since, gaming is all about having good behavior and good thought process. It enhances the spirit of team work. Since, different games involve different skilled person like somebody verse in rules and regulation, resources, trainer and referee. 

But, at the same time we also came across many of our parents going against playing games because they feel it’s the waste of time without looking into the better side of it. And to be frank they didn’t feel the positive learning through games and sports.

Learning of subjects comes in different forms and there is no exclusion for gaming. For many-learning within four walls of the classroom certain their education which is completely wrong. Perhaps, we never think beyond that limit since we are bound with physic feelings form our ancestor’s time. I felt it high time to come out from the cocoon and start preparing for better life.

Playing different games and sports doesn’t take one into negative road rather one can improve cognation process, rational and mental preparedness. Therefore, with this one can develop positive behavioural change. I too found those who play games, could best manage time as every game is played within certain time framed and one need to be on time for the match. I must say game makes person more disciplined than learning a subject.

These days everybody knows through playing games one can easily earn a beautiful living and besides that even one can travel to any part of the world. So, having known about the fact, why some of our parents and the community are against playing of games and sports.

‘Playing games and sports also helps one to keep body both physically and mentally fit’

With advanced technology, there are countless online games which involve thinking process and mental preparedness. Subject like mathematics can be best learnt through different games and simulation. I must say, games and learning of different subjects goes all together. Learning’s can best happens through games. So, when we can have all these advantages over playing games - why can’t we take gaming and sporting as a part of daily learning in school? 


  1. One day and slowly in Bhutan, games will become profession rather than part time. It will be good if schools can blend games as part of learning~

  2. Thanks and yes it is already on track ...Hope soon Bhutan might become one like other la...thanks

  3. It's much more fun too! Students won't get bored with subject in class but at the same time, the subjects are still taught in the games. You can start from yourself la Sancha! :)

  4. Sancha Sir, as you said if we have regular physical exercise, we need no more doctors and hospitals in the country. Our expenditure will be minimized by vast margin.

  5. Ok...that is what i am trying to pass onto all of our dear Bhutanese...thanks for the comments

  6. well said, we need to take sports seriously. we need to develop professionalism in sports and make it possible for our people to make a living out of sports. we cannot simply attend tournaments and sports meet just for the sake of participation. we need to win medals at international level. there is a serious need to develop sports as full time employment and reward them too. thank you for bringing up this pertinent issue.

  7. Gyembo sir...Thank you so much for the well thought comments all time and in particular on this la. Well, its high time Bhutan should take forward steps into and look for this issue for betterment...thanks


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