Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An empty lie

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My grand-parents told me - my parents were died in a car accident. I was then survived by them. When inquired on the accident, only they know was over-speeding’. Thus, this is the end of story. 

I was a boy.  I always assured myself not so loved child like others. But, truly I thanked them for replacing my biological parents. So, hopefully their un-ending love and care towards me all these days would remain as far as my life continues.  ‘Their love truly means so much for my survival’

When I could realize – I was already attending high school. I always wanted to find the real lost of my parents. Perhaps, over-speeding alone is not the end. - "Because they are my life, source of living today. They mean my world more than anybody else".

Then, slowly I started to find the real demised of my parents. Yes, I must call this a - "lost always and I know to any best effort I won’t get back my parents". But, still I am determined to find the real police officer who had moved the case.

One day – when I was passing the small pan shop. I over-heard people talking about the car incident.  "Car accident" - Perhaps, it was the old accident. I was then moved by many mixed thoughts of my parent’s mishap. I stopped and pretended to buy a newspaper from the same shop. For a while, the talk has dropped. After buying the paper - I walked few steps away and I started to read. To my surprise, again I overheard same people continuing the same talk. I had listened to them more anxiously than any other talk in my life.  

It isn’t much fun listening all alone and the talked was not so agreeable then. So, by now - I could clearly visualize the clear incidents that had occurred thirteen years before.  Truly, the whole story came down to me from two aunties. - Thank you un-known aunties.

By now, I was sick of over-hearing all those incidences. So, I bowed back and inquired cleverly few questions to those two aunties. Aunties of late forties told me the entire story. – As far as they know, the accident occurred due to carelessness of a police officer. Hence, I must claim, ‘story inside-out’.

Now to me, the outside world has become just a matter of object. Since, I don’t have anybody whom I can rely on except my grand-parents and the two aunties.

Since, I am the person who believes in integrity. So, I was totally moved by the thoughts to find the real police officer that night.

Thus, saddest of all is, I am not running out of my life – called it a dream. Perhaps, if you could believe I was wondering in my false dream. So, this is how I could describe the story of non-existence.  


  1. LOL I thought it was yuh genuaine story.
    Anyz, beautifully expressed lines.
    Keep writing bro. :)

  2. Sancha sir, you could really write the fictional story in an amazing way. Really enjoyed reading it. Love to read another such story from you.

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  4. Thanks for the visit again like u do alys...thanks

  5. Like the first commentator, I thought too, that it must have been your story because you did not reveal whether it was a fiction. Well the plot is intriguing one. So what happens next? Did the protagonist find who the real police officer was on duty that night and what were his lapses? Enjoyed it.

  6. Thanks for all the wise ideas Mr. Gyembo sir...Actually i was just trying to write fiction story out...Actually, i just wanted all readers to understand me that i was just wandering in my dream. at that point of my dreaming i was awake by next worrying incidences la...thanks for well comments. do visit again i thought to continue with it for next ....


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