Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Champion Class Of The Year – 2014

Photo: Mr. sancha rai
Should I say – are we done with the resolution we made in the beginning? – Of-course, 'yes'.

Well, this is my second year of teaching service in zhemgang higher secondary school soon after RCSC appointed me in 2013.

Truly for me - this place is heaven on earth and a pioneering plat form, where I got to learn valuable lessons – first to learn then to teach, encountering senior friends well experienced on the field, meeting smart and encouraging students each year, writing when I go into extraordinary state - since, I believe, writing is all about energy, thinking, patience and so on…

Perhaps, at this moment - I’m extremely happy to be blessed with smart and hardworking students (Class XII Science A students).

Thus, in the very beginning of the year – class XII science A and I’d genuinely taken a sincere oath to do best work in all areas (both academics and non-academics) and we’d as we've promised and said. We didn't let go any work un-attended and un-turned.

And for this, we’re well bequeathed and rewarded as – "CHAMPION class of the year 2014".
Photo: Mr. Pelden Nima
Perhaps, I must state that this is a real sign of encouragement to all of us. It really moved our thoughts to work even better and harder hereafter. It clearly showed that – “hard work never goes in vain and un-paid”. I must say, there are different ways to access hard work - and anyhow? and this is truly one area in school to further encourage our students to be a better people.  So, today with broader smile - I can proudly say nothing is IMPOSSIBLE

Sincerely, I wanted to THANK all my dear students for making our big dream come true, school management for considering our selfless hard work throughout the year, assessment committee for well assessing our daily works and finally myself for working equally with my students.  

Nevertheless, thank you everyone for making and recognizing class 12 A as the champion class of the year and making a grand successful -2014


  1. Congratulations Sir! And hats off to the students for the achievement. Hardwork, and teamwork has paid off. Zhemgang HSS is my alma mater. I graduated from the school in 2002. It is always my wish that the school finds success and achievement in its endeavor and its lucky for the school to have a hardworking teacher like you. Keep the spirit and hardwork la.

  2. Thank you Tshewang n Gyembo sir for your well thoughts and aptly ideas on my article la...thank you so much and do visit again la...

  3. Congrats sir. Good works always pay.....thanks

  4. Thanks for the comments and do visit again la...

  5. Congratulation sir. But here in my school my class was somewhere in the bottom.

  6. Anyway, try next year la...Every things has its second chance la...thanks


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