Monday, November 17, 2014

Time to harvest

Much awaited count-down has finally come to its ending – ending with honours. Time to reap what one had seeded throughout the year. It’s nothing less than measuring each subject more wisely. And it is decided by so call EXAM.

It is not un-usual happenings for schools and students all over the globe. Since, exam is something that comes and goes always. But, one thing is certain that - its outcome would remain behind for all times. “Whether one to remain in the same grade or promoted to higher grade”. And it totally lies in the hand of individuals.

Exam really administers ones performance and understanding level of different subjects learned as a student. Moreover - year-end exam decides passed or failed merit. "I must say merit for change".

If one fails then, work of 365 days would go much in futile and that is the time one needed to rewind the clock more watchfully.

At the same time, failing an exam would lay down many things – one not being close with the subject, less focuses while teaching, valued less for learning and many more...

‘17- 11 to 27-11- 2014’ is the busiest and the loaded deadline for ZHSS- nine and eleven students. Time to harvest - what they have sown whole year. So, simply moved by the concept of examination, I wish them a – “Good luck” for all the papers because it assures their whole year’s labor”. Thus, what I can say is- their answers would best judge their ways either to happy or to sad endings.

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