Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Out - off syllabus

The year is coming to its halt. I have many undone work on my table to complete. The work is pressing me so much and sometimes life goes like that of a busy broker without knowing what is happening next to me. Perhaps, day’s to cherish entirely.

Being a class-adviser, I am accountable for all activities in the class. So, to this fact on 4th evening, my class had organized a special get - together session. I must say, it's the good bye farewell.

Source:     Sancha Rai
At around 5:30PM, my-self with other subject’s teachers headed toward the hall with much tangled mind. They welcomed us sincerely and to our surprise my class-monitor came up to me with a gift and handed it to me with few words of gratefulness. In fact, I was totally surprised to receive the gift. Yet, for good reasons - I have accepted with good heart. It really touched my heart and it reminded my school days as student. Now, I became their guru, adviser and a tutor. Anyway, thank you for the gift.  

For the night, they came with many entertaining programs well planned - jokes, songs, forgiveness speeches to each other and shared few kinder messages for final exams. In the same front, they even asked us to sing a song and we did happily for their delight. Perhaps, the universal believe amid teachers- students were many and so prominent. Whatever, we do as a teacher it has many good reflection in the life of each student. Since, teachers are considered as a role model, idol and best point of references and source of learning.

More than any, we had many special items – chicken, emadatsi (Bhutanese dishes prepared from chilli and cheese), mushroom curry and dal. Out of all, one of the very loved and distinct items on our night menu was shelrotii (item blended out from flour, sugar, clover, baking powder etc...)

After having done with the entertainment programs, we had dinner together. I must state, dinner that really marked our final togetherness. It’s a rare chance we get into such gatherings. By knowing it’s the final time we ate, shared each other’s feelings and promised to be a good human being.

The reactions clearly indicated our dinner seemed to be so special. So, with all the night programs, we had finally adieu good night wishes to each other. Perhaps, such night will never come back again with same face, same time, same charm, same items, same place, same greetings and same wishes. Thank you all for the dinner…


  1. Sancha sir great to know about the kind of bond that exist between you and your students. Like you I am too cramped with bundles of work. No time to even eat a meal in relaxed manner.

  2. Thank you so much for the well comments...Perhaps, its gud to hear you too doing the same la...Mine life is just busy with trial practical and all, i cannot imagine life here...thanks

  3. this is what makes teaching a truly fulfilling profession. each year, you will be witnessing such get-together and farewells and they all take go away with gratitude to you teachers in their hearts. this is just beautiful!

  4. Thanks for the comments and hope your concept for teachers may remain forever la...thanks


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