Thursday, August 28, 2014

Extraordinary garments

The Oxford dictionary meaning for underwear is ‘the cloth worn next to the skin, under other clothes’. The undergarment comes in many forms - underwear, waist, bra and small panties for both men and women. These wears really save external dresses from being stained by bodily secretions, discharges and even keeps our body in proper shape. In cold weather, long underwear is sometimes worn to provide special warmness. Special types of undergarments have submissive importance in daily proceedings. Some items of clothing are designed only for wearing as undergarments, while like T-shirts, shirts and other shorts provide dual utilities - underwear as well as outfit clothing’s. 

Special piece of cloth.     Source:
Today, because of all modernized technologies in place had made life much special, starting from getting smallest and cheapest to biggest and expensive things. Now, I am particularly sharing the life extent of inevitable underwear for all people. The existence of underwear itself is so special and extraordinary. I saw and felt the usage of underwear is so extensive. It is used from new born baby to very old people. 

The loincloth was the simplest and the first type of underwear made and worn by human beings. In record ancient civilizations, Loincloth was the only undergarment available in the markets. The loincloth had taken several modifications before coming into a fine piece. But, today there stand countless brand of underwear - Jockey, Puma, Nike, Levis, Bonds and diesel in the market with all outfits.  Simply, the architects and the special cloth designers are the person to be credited for coming up with the concept of this undergarment. It is also important to ruminate upon the size, length, shapes, comfort and the choice of colours before going for manufacture. Since, the users of this product would be from different age group, genders and of different likes. 

It is very simple and cheap yet it has numerous advantages. I value this cloth so much beyond any other things because of its functions in human society. I know what would happen to the culture if this cloth piece was not discovered. I have great faith and earnest appreciations for its inventor because everyone’s life was made so contented else, life as I know would become wretched. At the same time, everyone might face with challenge and assured circumstances at times without it.

For me, my Puma and Nike underwear are like any other expensive Jockey. For which, I am so happy and comfortable with it.  I have all my admiration for any underwear in the market. Wearing any brand makes me feel I am on track for all activities. I do like other brands of underwear as any brand would give me equal comfort and serve its functions. My personal feelings about underwear are so wide and deep. Nevertheless, I am also close to its design. 

On the other hand, with all its comfort nature and design, I dream to become one of the top retailers and the owner of any underwear production. Since, I found this is the only cloth piece used by all people of the world. I found it’s the world top most sold product today in the markets. If anybody wanted to become an overnight millionaire one would dream to become an owner of the underwear manufacturing industry. 
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  1. Sancha sir, interesting post on underwear. I don't care about brands after all it's beneath other ulterior wears and serves the same purpose. Of course brands has their own prestige tag on it. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for reading my article ...keep visiting la

  3. Interesting one Sancha sir. Interesting too, to know you do have choice and preferences unlike me. You are right, manufacturing this will certainly be a good business proposition but, there is one man I know who will not buy from you any underwear because that person, an official never wears underwear under his gho........cheers!!!

  4. Hahaha...Thank you sir for the new information...anyway keep visiting my blog la...

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  6. Fascinating post on under clothes Sancha Sir. As said by brother Sangay Phuntsho, I too don't care about its brands as it is always out of sight though the brands have their own respective benchmark. Keep posting. :) Take care.

  7. Thank you Ugyen sir for visiting my blog la...


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