Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home coming note

I am going home riding my little DOG
I don’t trust this twenty-first century so much as the times of my grand-parents. Those times were enjoyable and great in many ways. I am sure those times would remain paramount for me. Those times can’t be ancillary with any super-discoveries. Even no greatest historian can tell those times better than the clock in itself. Thus, nothing would describe primordial life and impulses.  

Every existence on this planet had done the finest discoveries to comfort life however; I am not so pleased with it - advancement and findings. Since, everything comes along with enormous defies. Now, I am totally drained out with urban life. Perhaps, no money no urbanization is merely becoming a mission for millions these days.

I think many Bhutanese are of the views; living in twenty-first century is everything without comprehending the outgoing cost. Living in town with all the ease life style is just for few people of higher status. To them life is more objective with times yet still in questions.

Simply, living in town at this time is all about the money outflow.  For all living and ravenous mouth only money could best quench the impulse else it might stop functioning the next moment. Therefore, even for small scale shopping during weekend also needs big money else there will be a different story. Likewise, to many it might be a challenging moments for filling their pot with simple grain for some days.  For considerable people, life is becoming really sorrowful to survive with the type of inflation going around. If life in town for many continues with similar stereotype whirl, there may come some chaos.

All human survival does not need individual discoveries, because if all suits as scientist each house might become rich with every wants and discovery. Thus, the very concept of living might complicate too many folds.

Where the money comes and goes? I didn’t even find a place where the money was dumped finally and for what purposes? Who all were consuming the money and how much money normally comes out for daily survival?

Now living in town is full of giving money and getting back the life or survival or living. If life in town accelerate with the similar rate in coming days I am bit concerned about paying house rent, weekly shopping, electricity bills, water bills and for miscellaneous items. Nevertheless, living might become empty with all these outgoing bills and what to store for future is yet another part.

In present time, decent job won’t fetch any subsistence. For sure, I may not accomplish any of the wealth for future if the outgoing cost shoots at this rate. Therefore, for all of these reasons I am leaving urban steps for noble cause and to have sound sleep back at my village.


  1. Village life is calm and serene, embedded within is the happiness. As away from modernization, they're away from woes of it. They live the lives of their own, feeding on what is grown on their ancestral land. Village life is better.

  2. Good reply sir...thank you for visiting my blog daily la...

  3. Looks like lots of bloggers are going back to village very soon hehehe... ^^

  4. Lovely writing...lots of respect from me man

  5. Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving all the comments that made me so proud of my writing la...keep visiting to my blog and I will be letting you know my feelings la...


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