Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Big Talk!

Bhutan-China border talks held, Aug 24, 2015

I am absolutely surprised to see what is 'Bhutan and China bordering talks' all about again and again. What's still going in-between Bhutan - China boundary? What is the real progress made for the border talk? Who is benefiting with all of this talk? When will this going to end and for how long will this continue otherwise it's time to settle?

So, if it do not bring some positive conclusion then what's the purpose of having a high level meeting one after another? What is still pending?  ''Isn't it a tensing situation for two nations''?

I was more shocked to see when the highlight was yet again on the next and higher level of country's meeting, '23rd round of boundary talks between Bhutan - China'. Their delegation comprises of eleven-members led by foreign affairs 'vice' minister, Liu Zhenmin.  

What's this whole mean to two nations? Why foreign affairs 'vice' minister and why not 'full' foreign affairs minister for this highest level of country's meeting?

The boundary talks started with China since 1984. It's almost more than three decade and why is this prolonging to this level? It's other-way hampering country's 'tourism industry, peace, harmony, economic aspects and so on'. Perhaps, it's high time to check and balance the disputes. 

It's stated that the boundary negotiations between Bhutan-China are guided by certain principles agreed in 1988. The agreement on the up-keeping of peace and harmony between Bhutan-China border areas was signed in 1998 but who knows anything may happen in-between if it goes beyond this, we need to remain focused and directional.

What'd happened and the progress of all high-level and high profile meetings till date? The meetings held were not just for once or twice, it's now rounding up to '23rd' and for how long would this prolonged again?

What if the conclusion is made based on the agreed core laws rather than calling for high-level meeting again and again? It would be wise if the border dispute is margin or fixed based up on the 'guided lines' rather than creating some un-known mis-understanding between two nations.

Unsure of the fact, now it's high time for Bhutan to make a bright decision by upholding high level brains. I think there would be bits of written country's boundary line and deal with it. It's time to search all the possible means to solve this unsolved problem for so long. Otherwise, this would create next havoc for our new generations.

Where are our wise and high profile country's men and women during needs? This is the only time to look forward and solve this 'big Jig-saw puzzle'. "Or time to dig out every possible history on boundary or create the oldest Google store else Bhutan might missed the chance".

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