Friday, August 7, 2015

The Other Side Of The Life - I

He was bounded by extreme twist of fate. He lived with his only son poorly in the community but of all - what he had was his generous heart.

The man's source of happiness was his lone 'old cow'.  His son never helped him for any work. He had to do all the work by himself alone and son was never of great help to him. Nevertheless, in the name of his wealth was his cow.

Despite of his old age, he put all his effort and energy in serving his cow thinking that one day she might bring him some happiness. His days always run with little works behind his cow. He ne'er missed to take his cow to the forest but one day his cow went missing unfortunately in that cavernous forest.

He vexed all his energy to spot his cow around but couldn't found as soon it loomed into darkness. Nonetheless, with all his hopelessness he returned home helplessly and with little fury.

Upon his late arrival, his son knew about the day's incidences and became little upset. But, that was of no use for him.  So, before his son advance into more exchange, he left home over to the place and took a halt there to ascertain his lost cow.

 As he was so tired, he took sheltered under a banyan tree and felt asleep sooner than his head wedged upon some pile of hard woods. However, into his sleep he could sense some un-usual whispered. He couldn't nap either well. So, filled by some uneasiness and to calm his mind he mumbled back in tiredness, 'Oh God! I'm a poor old man, please save me for tonight'.

With this he again wanted to continue his sleep but couldn't. As again the same, same faint voice came from the distant. Now, the poor old man in tensed said. 'Oh God! I'm a poor man, I'm here since I've lost my only cow in this forest and I'm here to look upon my cow. So, please selvage me for tonight, it's all I trust you for'. Even he mentioned that in deed a very propitious cow for him and the only wealth he possessed during his entire life. 
An aloof whispered replied. 'Oh! Poor old man there is a hidden prize seven steps right before you. Go collect that and keep it as it would bring you back your cow one day. Even it brings you happiness, luxury, fortune, wealth, wishes and prayers you want in your life'.

So, by this exchange he came out-off his tiresome sleepiness. The poor man did as directed by the whisper and found a bag full of exquisite hidden treasure. Un-certain and un-sure of what to do with it, he ran home quickly and shared the incidences to his son. Upon that his son became so happy and promised to change for better son...
                                                                                           be continued...


  1. The story is interesting however I need to read second part to grasp the jam of the story.

  2. Hahah/...sure sir...I am trying to lie and cook story of my own for enhancing my better skills into writing world...thanks for clicking into my page all times...


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